Zut – Charger offers simply designed and compact battery chargers for the Parrot Zik family of headphones (Zik/Zik 2.0/Zik 3).

PRACTICAL: The charger draws its power from any micro-USB source: a computer port, cellphone charger, portable battery/USB juicebox… Also designed compact enough to fit in round pillbox of the Zik hardcase.

SAFE: Its charge-regulation circuit board ensures the correct charge of the battery; it protects it against any overcharge by shutting the current when the battery is full. The charging current is capped at 1A in order not to damage the battery.

SIMPLE: 2 LEDs indicate the status of the charge:
– BLUE on, RED flashing: no battery
– BLUE off, RED on: battery charging
– BLUE on, RED off: battery charged

FAST: The full charge of a completely empty battery takes about 1.5 hours.